Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 After a lovely warm spell winter decided to dump a few inches of snow yesterday. We decided to pass the day by sewing these warm fleece hats. We made some to wear and some to donate to the Childrens Cancer Hospital. The pattern is so simple and quick that my 8 year old was able to sew it with a little help.

We used polar fleece because it is stretchy, warm, and inexpensive. For this pattern you need about a quarter of a yard. As an alternative to polar fleece you can use an old sweater.

Step 1- You need to make your pattern.
We used a paper grocery bag and cut a cone shape as below measuring
7 1/2 inches vertical and 4 1/2 inches on the bottom.You will need a strip
20 inches  by 5 inches  for the band and a 1 inch by 3 inch tassle.

Step 2- Out of your fleece cut out 6 of the cone panels, 1 hat band, and up to three rectangles for
the tassel. Cut fringes 2/3 the length of the tassel. Be creative in colors and designs.

 Step 3- Time to start sewing your hat.  For adult size hats use a 1/4 inch seam and use a 1/2 inch or more for children's sizes.With right sides together sew two panels together. Next sew a third one onto the two. Be sure that you are always sewing right sides together so the seams will always be on the inside.

Step 4-Sew another set of three panels together as above.

Step 5- Place both sets of panels right side together with the tassel between both layers facing down( this is the only step that might confuse you a little, refer to the photo it should help). Sew around the whole arch from bottom to top.

Step 6-Now it's time to add the band.Place all the seams to the inside of your hat.It will look just about finished now. Take your band and sew it into a tube. Place the seam on the inside and fold it in half . Mark your band at 4 even places. Pin the band onto the hat at these 4 marks.Sew the band onto the hat .Go back and trim all loose strings and you should have a nice hat.
My family really enjoyed working on these for the past two days I think that donating them will really be a positive experience.
                                                                                     For more info on sewing caps for charity check out                                                                                      the Hat Ladies!